The Exploration of Immigrants: 

Homeland Déjà Vu    (2019 - ongoing)



Homeland Déjà Vu is one of the rubbing projects of the Exploration of Immigrants through collecting related place-name of ancestral residence form tombstones in Bukit China Malacca, Malaysia. Bukit China is one of the older cemeteries of Chinese immigrants which can trace back to the late Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty and the period of Republic of China. Kian utilises the characteristic features of the tombstone to convey a scene of an imaginary homeland, which he examines a reconstructed mapping in aluminium rubbings to response to the relation of Chinese diasporic context and site-specific monumental archives. A tombstone is not only a commemorative item in the cemetery but also a medium that recording or bearing historical thread of early Chinese immigrants who might have wanted to go back to the homeland but unavoidably settled down abroad during a mass migration.

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