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Exhibition: Transcodage: Art Surveying Techniques of Maps/ 〈超編碼—地理圖/誌的當代藝術測量術〉

The primary concern of " Transcodage : Art Surveying Techniques of Maps" is to discuss maps and geographies from the perspective of contemporary art. The term “transcodage” (or surcode) comes from the concept in the chapter “ritournelle” of Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus, which was originally meant to interpret deterritorialisation in biology. It is used here to discuss the state of art in the map and its presence, as well as decoding, post-structure, and dis-systematic measurement world. It is also an attempt to construct its own creativity in a perceptual form, and to return and re-enter another new world. It is not only the retrospective inquiry of geographic maps through art, but also the depiction or descriptive exploration of the boundaries and environments of geographic maps. The axis of this exhibition is to use geographic maps as the care of creation and foundation, to re-examine the position of art in contemporary, to reflect on the use of tools and techniques in daily life, and at the same time to reflect on conceptual meanings such as space, position and location.

■Curators: Chiu chieh-sen、Tsai shih-wei

■Artists: Armelle Caron、Dorian Bauer、Duncan Mountford、Leonor Scavino、Margot Guillemot、Cai Gio-Jie、Chuang Li-Hao、Liang Ting-Yu、Wu Yu-Pei+Chu Chi-Hong、Hung Sheng-Hsiung、Overrun Guerrilla Act(Team)、Wu Wei-Ting、Shi Wanwan、Tan Kian-Ming、Tan Yen-Peng、National Space Oragnization、iSynReal Digital Technology co., Ltd.

■Speakers: Chen Chih-Cheng、Paul Jobin、 Gong Jow-Jiun、Hung Kuang-Chi、OGA、Tsai Hsing-Chih、Keng Yi-Wei、Duncan Mountford、Liang Ting-Yu、Yao Jui-Chung、 Chen Kuang-Yi 、NSPO

■Actress: Zeng Zhao-Hui, Chen Wen-Qi, Lian Jia-Xuan, Li Ming-En

Dates:2021.04.24(Sat.)-2021.06.06(Sun.) Time:11:00-18:00,Tue.-Sun. Venue:Art Space I、Art Space III



■藝術家:Armelle Caron、Dorian Bauer、Duncan Mountford、Leonor Scavino、Margot Guillemot、莊立豪、吳瑋庭、陳燕平、超限游擊、石玩玩、蔡國傑、陳建泯、梁廷毓、洪聖雄、吳育霈+朱淇宏、iSynReal宇騫數位科技有限公司、財團法人國家實驗研究院國家太空中心



展覽日期:2021.04.24(六)-2021.06.06(日) 展覽時間:每週二至週日11:00-18:00 展覽地點:聯合餐廳展演空間、通信分隊展演空間


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