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505 很夠力

5 - 10 May 2014


See Hwa Win 

Tan Kian Ming

‘Hen Gou Li’ is a Malaysian-exclusive term which cannot be interpreted in traditional Chinese; only Malaysians know what the exact meaning. We use this word to describe the 505. It is very precise! On the 5th of May in 2013, the 13th election in Malaysia enjoyed the highest voting rate, which represented our determination to see political reform. It was a massive event in our country and the international press media room.


This art project is held by two Malaysian international students, which is also their debut exhibition in Taiwan. They expect to present Malaysia to Taiwan and to build up a platform introducing Malaysians students to each other, hoping that Malaysian students can reach a mutual consensus for contributing to their motherland in the future.


The curatorial team comes from the Malaysian student association and expects itself to reunite more Malaysian students studying in Taiwan. Living outside their mother country gives them a good excuse to miss it. They expect themselves to open up a platform to support and interact with each other. This exhibition is the very first art event curating by Malaysian students in Taiwan.



展期:2014/5/5 - 10



藝術家 :




策展人:陳建泯 台師
秘書 :曾文誠 東海
財政 :莫安妮 北藝
總務 :徐華雲 北藝
活動 :張友成 世新/陳欣恩 台師/陳穎賢 台師
宣傳 :呂世傑 台師/范振霖 北藝
網攝 :鄭宏信 世新
聯召 :曾文誠 東海  


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