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Adjustment    (2015)


Chapter 16, Dao De Jing: “Empty the self completely; Embrace perfect peace. The world will rise and move; Watch it return to rest. All the flourishing things Will return to their source. This return is peaceful; It is the flow of nature, An eternal decay and renewal. Accepting this brings enlightenment, Ignoring this brings misery.” In this fast-paced era, stopping the time temporarily or taking a short break is desirably wished. Transforming symbols and traits of a place into a variety of possibilities of “adjustment,”

Tan Kian Ming tried to decrease the speed of this land and save it in his works. 


《老子道德經》第十六章:「致虛極、守靜篤、萬物並作,吾以觀其復。天物芸芸、各復歸其根。歸根曰靜,是為復命,復命曰常。知常曰明,不知常,妄作兇。」 在這步調急速的年代,或期望時間暫停、讓人有喘氣的機會。以重返現場轉印在地原有的符號與特徵,嘗試封存這片土地的速度,延伸「調節」的可能性。

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