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Migratory Record in Malaysia    (2014)


Kuala Lumpur/吉隆坡


Segamat, Johor/柔佛州昔加末

Johor Bahru, Johor/柔佛州新山

Year: 2014

Media: installation (plexiglas acrylic sheet, paper) / video (single channel video)

Size: dimensions variable



See Hwa Win 

Tan Kian Ming


Toh Tok Sin / Tee Hong Sin / Liew Shin Yin

There are many ways to do with document things, like writing, drawing, photographing, etc. To make use of mediums the most straightforwardly to engage the locals, we let them ‘poke.’ As artists, we provide the mediums, but we are not the ones who finish the works; it is random local people who make it. It requires nothing else to participate in this project; all you need is your finger. The record might not be too clear, but it is the evidence of engagement. 



記錄的形式有很多種,可以寫、畫或拍攝。如何透過一個媒介用最直接的方式,讓在地民眾參與,我們想到了「戳破」的互動形式。藝術家提供媒介,最終完成的是即時在地的民眾。這項計劃有趣的地方是不需要任何物件代替參與的過程,而是用手指就能進行戳破的記錄。 紀錄不在清晰,而是參與證明。

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