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PENDATANG - Tan Kian Ming Solo Exhibition

潘大棠 - 陳建泯個展

4 June - 2 July 2015

Pan Da Tang is a homophone to the Malay language ‘pendatang,’ which means travellers or outsiders. This exhibition is a reflection of Malaysian student Tan Kian Ming on his art-making journey and his overseas study experience. Through the exhibition Pan Da Tang, he seeks to analyse his art style and how his overseas experience is possible to discuss with his works. His four-year study transforms his identity from an international student to a ‘Chinese immigrant’ in Malaysia, giving him a chance to re-imagine about ‘home’ and to see his current situation more clearly, though at the moment it is vague and incomplete.


《潘大棠》取自馬來文pendatang的諧音,意思是旅居者或外來者的意思。是馬來西亞旅台生陳建泯在台留學四年的創作歷程及留學心得。 透過《潘大棠》的展覽構成進行留學期間的作品剖析及其影響。旅台四年從外國學生到認同為「華僑」的過程,讓陳建泯重新思考對於「家」的想像,過程中意識到模糊的片刻、不完整的脈絡或許正是自身所處的狀態。


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