THE WAY OF REGIMEN: 2015 Winter Games of Field Exercise on Sec. 2, Yongfu Rd, Tainan 

養生之道: 2015 台南永福路二段冬季街區田野運動會

Duration: 2015. 12. 19 - 2016. 01. 17


The exhibition is curated by:Yves CHIU and Chia-hsuan YANG

Venues : Howl Space/ Absolute Space for the Arts



Absolute Space:2015.12.19(Sat) 14:00-16:00



-TSP Aerobic Exercise of Shield│Pou-ching TSAI

-Belly Hungry│Mu-jen LU(Lama Motis) 



My Beverage:2015.12.20(Sun) 14:00-18:00

Artists + Panelist│Yih-jau Gong(Assistant Professor, Tainan National University of the Arts), Guan-Jhang CHEN(Culture Resercher)


1.Regimen Restoration│ Xiang NI、 Pei-hsuan WANG、Kian-ming TAN

2.Daily Workout Preservation│Mu-jen LU(Lama Motis)、Pou-ching TSAI、Kosuke IKEDA 

3.Around the Block│ Xin CHENG、Eric CHEN、 Mu-jung CHIU


Plus Events:“Here, This Place, I Say”+“Nothing to do with You” Dalinpu Navigation Workshop


Organizer:Howl Space

Co-organizer:Absolute Space for the Arts, My Beverage


National Culture and Arts Foundation, Culture Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government

Acknowledgements│Antique Store in Xinmei Street, Zhao-an Barber Shop, Diamond Hall


About the Exhibition:


…Insightful fieldwork is not “work” external to the self. The field transforms the understanding the researcher has towards the world and themselves, and is a course of pursuit and growth. 

--Pei-yi GUO and Hong-zen WANG, Crafts of Fieldwork: Self, Research and the Construction of Knowledge


Is “exercise” actually good for your health? According to medical literature, you increase longevity by four seconds for every flight of stairs you climb, but this also increases your risk of degenerative arthritis. So, to exercise, or not to exercise? 


We are intrigued by the existing paradox of “health and injury” in exercise, rather than the distinction between type or outcome. How does one cope with the dilemma of “to do or not to do” and contemplate “beauty” and “evil” when exercising.


The title of this exhibition, “The Way of Regimen,” considers the experience of social movements: after the specific field that social movement created, people must leave and back to their own living environment, and so, how to continue the life of movement?


Perhaps, starting from the awareness and observation of our own environment.


We have invited eight artists, divided three group, to present artworks with their own sort of fieldwork (or we called the “field exercise”): The first group includes Xiang NI, Pei-hsuan WANG, Kian-ming TAN, as “Regimen Restoration,” the second group with the theme of “Daily Workout Preservation,” includes Mu-jen LU (Lama Motis), Pou-ching TSAI Kosuke IKEDA, the third group are a series of workshops conducted by Xin CHENG, Eric CHEN, historian Mu-jung CHIU, and supported by three local residents of Jian-guo Li: Chan-ying SU, Wu-shou LEE, De-xiang HUANG, as the theme “Around the Block.” Through the merely 10-minute block between two points, Howl Space and Absolute Space of Arts, as experimental training site for conceptualization and practice of the field exercise, we will try to transform the daily walk and pass by place to an awaited micro exercise place of “go into” through repeatedly fieldworks and plural perspectives, to find the way of nourishing and continuing the life.


The concern to your own environment as “the way of regimen” is an inquisition to the attitude of life, but also the thinking of the “field” created by a micro “exercise” of individual agency would be a potential role to influence, articulate, haul a community movement? Would it drag a imagination and practice space, which is radical but smooth, continued, for the political social movement, through the position of art and cultural movement.


The way of regimen starts from finding your field.


*Key Vision by Che-yu HSU



展期: 2015. 12. 19 (六)- 2016. 01. 17(日)



地點 : 齁空間/絕對空間


開幕 │絕對空間 :2015.12.19(六) 14:00-16:00





座談 │賣飲料:2015.12.20(日) 14:00-18:00

地址 :台南市中西區永福路二段142號 


***(歡迎預先報名:臉書留言或   線上報名人數:20人)***






Plus Events:「我說,此地」居民生活史導覽+「跟你們沒關係」大林蒲走踏運動  2016.01.09-01.10





協辦單位|絕對空間 、賣飲料 

贊助單位|財團法人國家文化藝術基金會、 臺南市政府文化局










在這裡,「運動」是隱喻,也是悖論;是關於「個體的自我實踐」與「社會的群體實踐」、或者說「個體練習」(individual exercise)與「社群引動」(community movement)彼此間如何相互影響、銜接、牽動、轉換的觀察與想像,也是關於「養生保健與耗損傷害」必然的並行中,如何面對運動的「做」與「不做」以及運動之「美」與「惡」一體兩面的思考。














Absolute Art Space

HOWL Art Space

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