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Ilham Art Show 2022 (work set up)

Feeling released and fulfilled after finishing set-up at Ilham gallery for four days. The aluminium foil installation ‘The Ancestor, 2019 (2022 remade)’ planned to participate in my degree show at Goldsmiths. Sadly I couldn’t return to London during the Covid explosion in 2020, and it’s a pity for me to be absent and lose a chance to say goodbye to everyone.

In 2021, due to the pandemic precaution, which is the long quiet and silent year for the local art scene, however, the excellent news knocked on the door; I received the result from Ilham open call that my work will be part of the show and cooperating with Ilham team. Nothing to say, but really excited! Firstly, I got to show and dialogue with many artist friends from different generations. Secondly, my massive work finally got space for landing!

I’d love to shout out to the Ilham curating team and my brother Samuel Xen; the set-up won’t be done perfectly without them.

ILHAM Art Show will start from 17 MAY to 23 OCTOBER 2022 at Ilham Gallery. See you there, ciao!


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